Furniture company "Union" is visiting "Tumak" company on the Day of "open doors".

Since the very beginning, the network of furniture showrooms "Union" has been working only with the reliable and trusted partners. One of such partners is the company "Tumak".


"Tumak" today is the modern and highly technological woodworking and wood-processing complex with rich experience in design, production, building and project constructions, located in Tambov region, and for 29 years "Tumak" company built more than 1 million square meters of housing. The company's products are well known not only in Russia but also in many other major world markets (Germany, France, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Iran, India, etc.)

On the 8th of August the company "Tumak" held the Day of "open doors", with the presentation of new house which was built by "Tumak" company with the help of new technology Variomak. The network of furniture showrooms "Union" and "Sberbank of Russia" were the partners of this event , whose specialists informed the guests how to buy and equip the house profitably.

By the way, for all customers and clients of "Tumak"company , "Union" offers the special conditions for creation of interior design project and buying the european furniture of high quality.




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