«Bedding», one more Italian factory is visiting «Union» company.

This year another Italian factory «Bedding» appeared in the orbit of our commercial interests.

It is not a secret that Russian trade furniture company «Antares» and the network of furniture showrooms «Union» supply Russian market with the furniture from different countries – Spain, Portugal, USA, Serbia, Poland, Belarus and Russia. But the furniture produced by the greatest skilled craftsmen (artisans) of Italy was rightly held and now holds the leading place in the matrix of goods supply for «Union».

This year another Italian factory under the name of «Bedding» appeared in the orbit of our commercial interests, and General Director of «Bedding» company has arrived with a short visit to the head office of «Antares» company. The factory «Bedding» is specialized in production of upholstered furniture. In Italy it is considered to be the trendsetter of furniture design and now is on peak of fashion in Russia. The design from «Bedding» differs by its colorful fabrics, by combination of different colors, by the use of velvet and rich decor. The famous Italian designers such as Carlo De Carli, Tamborini and Mariani participate in creating the unique design. Master class of Simone Bugani conducted with designers from «Union» was extremely informative and helpful, and the recent negotiations between the Heads of Russian and Italian companies have confirmed the plans for further long-term cooperation and promotion of «Bedding» furniture on Russian furniture market.




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