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The last stage in the process of house renovating or housing construction includes finishing work, from which the style and comfort of the inhabited place depends on. After these works any house turns into a living form for human habitation. A perfect quality of finishing works requires all high-quality materials.

In today's market the choice of decorative materials. Is quite various and can perfectly satisfy any bright audacious decision from classic to more unusual options. There are offers for different tastes, different budgets. Whatever style is chosen, the most important aspect is the quality. Therefore, choosing beautiful decorative materials, we must not forget about its longevity and reliability. Also, it is rather important to buy decorative materials that can be combined and it is necessary to take into account the functionality and style of the room.

Italian decorative materials

It is known that italian decorative materials are well - known for its longevity, high quality, originality. It is not necessary to choose the italian design, but it is vitally important to pay your attention to decorative materials from italy. Not only the elegance will be added into your inhabited place but also the simplicity of the setting.

Ceramic tile

Керамическая плитка

Italy is a trendsetter in ceramics and the undisputed leader in the sphere of production of ceramic wall and floor tiles. This is because the history of production of the tiles has had deep roots since the beginning of the tenth century. Since that time the production of the tiles has been improving, developing, and becoming better. Thanks to this, the production of ceramics have achieved unsurpassed results. As for the excellence and diversity of tile design, the most famous designers and craftsmen work with it and their experience is inspired by the secrets and skills of several generations.


Also, parquet, which is made from various species of exotic trees & expensive materials, differs from others by its special longevity and can provide with longevity of the flooring. It is offered a large selection of parquet in colors and texture, as for the tiles.

Ancient traditions of italians combined with the latest technologies provide the best parquet. All kinds of oil, varnish coating and various colors can provide all customers with the safe use of parquet in any style from classic to modern, make the room individual and unusual. Parquet can be used in the living room, bedroom and hallway.


Wallpapers from italy are also considered to be high quality decorative materials. They are also distinguished by its original prints, strength and longevity. For example, fabric wallpaper, resembling silk or other textiles, with smooth or embossed structure, looks stylish in any room and interior. For the most discerning hearts, there are offers of wallpaper that is made from natural rattan, bamboo, papyrus. For these wallpapers japanese motifs have a tendency to be used. You should pay your attention to the heavy vinyl wallpaper, which is well cleaned and can be used to design your kitchen.


From our designers you can find many interesting offers in choosing murals. It is well-known, that the mural has a direct italian descent. The word "mural" comes from the italian word "fresco", which means "fresh". Previously, it used to be an exquisite wall painting. Modern murals, which used to have special cracking and noble imprint of time, are ready-made pictures, which imitate the ancient wall paintings of antiquity and middle ages on a special basis. The mural transforms an ordinary human habitation into the palace chamber. These decorative panels are mounted on different planes: wall, column and ceiling. They are thin, light, moisture-proof, cold- , heat- & uv-resistant.

Shower mixers and sanitary engineering

Another category of italian decorative materials is the shower mixer and sanitary engineering. Shower mixers from italy combine an excellent taste and high quality. Italian manufacturers offers a wide selection of unique exclusive models for every taste. The quality is demonstrated both in external and internal forms of the device. Masters present the brilliant ideas in creating bizarre shapes, which include elegance and innovations. Comfort, image of the bathroom or wc is determined by the choice of sanitary engineering that is installed there. Besides longevity and sustainability in sanitary engineering is very important. Showers, sanitary engineering, sinks from italy are considered to be the best side in terms of service, diversity of product range, excellent design and ease of use.

It is known that a good product is worth all money. But do not forget that paying a higher price, we pay not only for beauty. There exists more important concepts: reliability, sustainability, environmental and fire safety. Choosing finishing materials produced by the italian manufacturer , you choose the image, style, beauty, convenience.



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