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17 "A" Boulevard Mira, N. Novgorod, 603086


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Victor Ulitin

“Union Nizhniy Novgorod” is now one of the most prosperous and stylish furniture salons of the city. The best furniture collections of all price categories for bedrooms, kitchens, lounges, cabinets and nurseries are exhibited on 2000 square meter trade area of own property. In the world’s biggest furniture fairs “Union” has made a deal with several producers on exclusive supplies from leading European and American furniture factories.

Victor UlitinДиректор салона


Clients in NN see “Union” as a trustworthy, proven by years, intelligent and highly professional partner who can make the most inconceivable design and furnishing dreams come true.


The decision to open a branch in NN was risky and took a lot of financial and managing resources. In November 1999 for a successful launch of another branch in the hard post-crisis period in Russia one needed the firm belief and confidence in the success of this venture. These keystone characteristic features were shown by the furniture network CEO Valery Vladimirovich Ustyukhin.

His interest in NN region was determined his personal ties to NN where Valery Ustyukhin studied at the University, served in the military and after the service got the profession of an architect. Plus, here he got true friends and supporters, Victor and Lyudmila Ulitin, who have been running the NN branch for more than a decade. “Union Nizhniy Novgorod” is now one of the most prosperous and stylish furniture salons of the city.


In the furniture salon “Union” NN have now a unique opportunity to see and buy the latest from the most prestigious international furniture fairs in Milan and Verona. The exposition has the vast variety of Italian, Spanish, American furniture of all price categories from prestige (most available) to elite and luxury – kitchens, bedrooms, nurseries, cabinets, upholstered furniture, office furniture and accessories.


The best proof of the “Union NN” leading position in the furniture market is the partnership with the vast majority of designers and architects in the region. Thus “Union NN” is able to make the full construction of a house or an apartment – from creating an architectural plan and a design project to the complete furnishing and textile designing.

The furniture salon “Union NN” was top-rated in the network several times.




On February 3, 2001 Nizhniy Novgorod held the annual ceremony in luxury industry – Citigold Luxury Awards. The prizewinning companies were the best brands of NN which met the most exacting demands of luxury-goods consumers. In “luxury furniture” nomination the winner was the furniture salon “Union NN”. This award is the best appreciation to the professional level of designer-consultants, qualified assemblers, managers and all the staff, also to the level of the client service in “Union NN”.



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