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Korneva Zhanna

The furniture salon “Union Voronezh” was opened in 2001. It takes the leading position in the regional market offering the great range of Italian, Spanish, American and Russian furniture of all price categories from prestige to luxury. The samples of the best furniture for bedrooms, lounges, kitchens, nurseries and upholstered furniture, accessories and chandeliers, samples of the brand textile studio are all presented on a-1000-square-meter exposition. The main competitive advantage of the company is the unique sales technologies developed by “Union” for 22 years of doing successful business.

Korneva ZhannaДиректор салона


The branch “Union” in Voronezh was opened in 2001and it started from a small brand section of Italian furniture for bedrooms.

What used to a small brand section is now a respectable home and office furniture salon. The wide range of the most popular Italian, Spanish, Russian and American furniture from the best producers is exhibited on a-1000-square-meter exposition area. The partnership with many furniture factories allows to present clients the variety of exclusive collections in Voronezh region. These furniture collections will emphasize the originality and respectability of their owner.

By the time the branch appeared in Voronezh, there had already been several stores and salons offering Italian furniture. It seemed that it would be almost impossible to compete with them, but “Union” professional staff had enough experience, confidence, optimism and belief in successful venture. In the hard competitiveness the main advantages of the company were at that time unique sales and client service technologies developed by “Union”. The assortment is top-selling Italian furniture for bedrooms, lounges, cabinets, nurseries upholstered and office furniture. The small exposition turned very quickly into the modern brand salon with high-quality 100% Italian furniture and a full service pack to offer.


At the entrance to the competitive market there were very few models of elite furniture in the exposition. Instead, clients were offered the Italian and Spanish furniture which was much better than Russian analogues in terms of quality and design, but was at the same time cheaper. As long as the trust and brand-awareness increased, “Union” started to change the emphasis in the exposition. Today one can see the true masterpieces of the furniture art, finely selected in the leading furniture fairs. Elite furniture in Voronezh represents status, gives confidence and meets the most exacting demands in terms of comfort. Office furniture of elite class is also used to show the status of the owner.

In ten years furniture salon “Union” has changed its product offer basing on numerous clients’ demands which tend to include an exclusive product. The offer contains furniture of luxury level. Selling furniture of this level one should emphasize the maximum of handmade in the product. The materials are obviously of the highest quality and price goes to the second place. Luxury furniture is widely exhibited in “Union-Voronezh” and there are catalogues from many Italian producers.

Great attention is put into individual orders of Italian, Spanish and American furniture which brings the most sophisticated dreams come true.



The staff of “Union Voronezh” was many times top-rated among colleagues in the network. The salon gives constant donations to orphanages, veterans and Russian Orthodox Church. The great part of the charity takes the staff of “Union Voronezh” and director Korneva Zh.


Thanks to the highest professional level of “Union” staff, maximum care for every client, the strictest standards of client service and partnership to the majority of designers in the region the company has a lot of professional achievements.



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